Virginia State Process

Congratulations on getting approved for your medical certification.
You do not need to apply to the state as of 1st July, 2022. 
However, you may choose to do so to obtain a digital card. It is optional, however.

Before your tele-visit:

1. Register and complete your application at

2. Choose an appointment time with one of our licensed physicians. 

3. At the time of your appointment, login to your FadeMD account where you will join the waiting room. Please make sure to enable your camera and microphone.

After your tele-visit:

1. Visit the Virginia State website and login to an existing account or click 'Register a Person' to create a new account. You will need your social security number if you are creating a new profile.

2. Select Initial Application from the left menu. On the Application for Licensure screen, follow the instructions below:

a. From the 'Profession' dropdown, select 'Pharmaceutical Processing'

b. If you are the patient applying for registration, select 'Medical Cannabis Patient' from the License Type dropdown.

i. If you are the parent or legal guardian of the patient who is a minor, select Medical Cannabis - Parent Guardian from the License Type dropdown. Once you have completed this application you must also complete the Medical Cannabis Patient application for the patient. The primary parent/guardian of the minor must complete this.

3. Select 'Initial Application' > Click 'Start Application' > Select 'Initial Application' then 'Start Application'

4. Complete registration and pay $50 fee for patients, parents/guardians will pay $25.

5. Scan and email, fax, or mail the following documentation to the address listed below.

  1. A copy of your FadeMD Doctor’s certification.
  2. Proof of your residency and proof of residency of a parent or legal guardian, if applicable, such as a government-issued identification card or tax receipt;
  3. Proof of identity, and if the patient is a minor, proof of identity of the parent or legal guardian in the form of a government-issued identification card;
  4. Proof of your age in the form of a birth certification or other government-issued identification.
  5. NOTE: A valid Virginia Driver’s License will fulfill the requirements for proof of age, identity, and residency.

Virginia Board of Pharmacy Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300 Henrico, VA 23233
Fax: (804) 527-4472

6. Please allow up to 60 business days for your application to be processed. You will then receive an email that contains your digital card and be able to purchase medial marijuana from an approved dispensary.

Additional Instructions can be found here.