First-time Applications in the State of Virginia

As of September 27th 2023, the State of Virginia changed its process for patient certification and renewal:

Before your online visit:

1. Complete your application by registering at

2. Pick a time to speak with one of our licensed physicians. 

3. During your appointment, login to your FadeMD account within 10 minutes of your appointment where you will have the option to join the waiting room. Make sure your camera and microphone are turned on.

After your online visit:
  1. Once your appointment with an eligible practitioner has been completed and the practitioner has submitted your written certification for the use of Medical Cannabis, you will receive an email directing you to access a digital card that validates you have received the required written certification.

Please note: The email with your digital certificate will be sent from If you do not see it, please check your spam/junk folder. If you are still having issues finding the certificate, the State requests that you reach out to them at 804.873.5865 or

Additional information:

You may access a licensed medical cannabis dispensing location by presenting the digital card and a government-issued ID to the dispensary. The dispensing location will scan your digital card and access your written certification. There is no need to print either the digital card or written certification unless you wish to do so or cannot access the documents on your phone.

You are not required to register with the CCA to access the digital card. The email you receive will also provide you with directions to register, if you choose to do so. The fee to register is $50. Again, registration is not required.

For additional information, you can email the State directly at

For more information:

Please send us an email at if you need any assistance.