If I am not a permanent resident of New York, can I still apply for a medical card?

Yes, patients who are certified by their healthcare provider can register with the Medical Cannabis Program in New York State. Here’s what you need to know about the registration process:

1. Required Documents:

- You must provide a copy of a state or government-issued identification card that includes your name and permanent address.

- Additionally, you need to provide proof of your temporary residence in New York State, such as a rental agreement or utility bill. Please note that cell phone bills are not accepted as proof of residence.

2. Registration Fee:

- There is no fee to register as a patient in the Medical Cannabis Program.

3. Registry ID Card:

- Once registered, you will receive a registry ID card. This card is valid for the duration of your certification and allows you to purchase medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary within New York State.

Make sure to have all necessary documentation ready and ensure that your temporary residence proof is acceptable under the program guidelines to streamline your registration process.