Can I add or become caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma are allowed to have caregivers. Here’s how you can apply to become a caregiver:

  1. Patient's Requirement: The patient must first receive a medical marijuana certificate from an Oklahoma licensed physician.
  2. Physician Recommendation: Ensure that the Physician Recommendation Form attached to the patient’s application includes certification of the patient's need for a caregiver. This is necessary for the caregiver’s application to be processed.
  3. Caregiver Designation Form: Caregivers of adult patients must submit this form, signed by the patient or the patient’s legal guardian, if applicable. For minor patients, the form must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian acting as the caregiver. Minor patients may have up to two designated caregivers who are their parents or legal guardians.
  4. Application Submission: Submit your application online at OMMA Caregiver Application Information. A valid email address is required to apply.
  5. Receiving Your ID Card: Once the application is approved, a caregiver's medical marijuana identification card will be sent to you, enabling you to assist the patient with their medical cannabis needs.

This process ensures that caregivers are properly registered and authorized to assist registered patients in obtaining and using medical marijuana in Oklahoma.