New York State Renewals

Before your tele-visit:

1. If this is your first time using FadeMD or already have an account, login and complete a new application.

2. Choose an appointment time with one of our licensed physicians. 

3. At the time of your appointment, login to your FadeMD account where you will join the waiting room. Please make sure to enable your camera and microphone.

After your tele-visit:

1. Once you have been approved and received a notification that your certificate has been uploaded, login to your FadeMD account and click on your name in the top right corner.

2. Click on "Order Pickup" > Click on your most recent order history. > Click the link to download your certificate.

3. Compare your new certificate to your previous one. If it is the same certification number, you do not need to re-register. You will be able to use the same card and it will expire after 1 year. If it is a different certification number, you will need to register at and follow the remaining steps below.

4. Click on the "Health Applications" tab.

5. Click on the "Medical Cannabis Data Management System (MCDMS)" link.

6. Click on the "Start New Registration" button and follow the steps to register.

Note: Patients will receive a temporary registry identification card which may be used to purchase medical marijuana with a government issued photo ID. Physical cards will be mailed directly to the patient.